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In 1975, Wing Hang Diamond (the "Company") started as a small diamond trading company with eight employees.  With prudent management and an enterprising spirit, the Company has now established a strong foothold in the global diamond wholesale industry offering a wide range of products to meet diverse customer needs.   Base in Hong Kong, it has set up its own production facilities and is currently employing over 700 staff in cutting and polishing plants in the Mainland.

To seize the opportunities arising from the promising pearl trade, the Company expanded its business in 1980 by engaging in pearl wholesaling.  Today, it has become a widely recognized industry leader in the sale of South Sea Pearls.

Throughout the years, the Company has adhered to the motto of producing only first-rate products with guaranteed quality and competitive pricing.  The attributes of stringent quality control system, extensive product range, strong dedication to customer needs and avowed policy to provide only the best, have earned us the reputation of being a top-notch and trustworthy supplier and business partner in the diamond world.  The name "Wing Hang" is synonymous not only to quality, but also to professionalism, innovation and integrity.   Wing Hang buys diamond roughs from the open market to meet the ever-growing and diversified demands by clients.

With worldwide demand for diamonds continuing to grow, the Company has been stepping up its marketing efforts by  participating in international trade fairs and exhibitions and proactively seeking co-operation opportunities with retail counterparts.  While our distribution network stretches from Europe, the U.S. to Taiwan and other South-East Asian countries, the immense market potential arising from an increasingly open and affluent China is surely something that we would not overlook.  In this aspect,  we are well-positioned to tap this opportunity because of our geographical proximity to the China market, our experience in dealing with Chinese customers and above all, our established relations with the Mainland diamond authorities.

As the diamond industry continues to flourish, we are confident that a company with reputation and foresight with play an important role in spearheading the process and in taking the industry to a new height.

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