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Wing Hang has long been an experienced wholesaler and manufacturer of brilliant-cut rounds.  Each round brilliant has 57 or 58 facets, which is precisely angled to reflect and refract the maximum bundles of light.

To meet the growing demand from consumers in South East Asia and China for diamonds of better  make, the Company has boosted the production of heart-and-arrow cut diamonds.  With finer polish, symmetry and proportion, such diamonds can reflect a perfectly balanced set of eight hearts and eight arrows from their tables and bottom facets under a specially designed loupe.

The Company also excels in the ideal cut, through which a diamond can reveal its greatest brilliance, dispersion and scintillation.  It is the most sophisticated cutting technique and is only possible with the most refined workmanship and modern equipment, both of which are prided assets of Wing Hang.  Most of the ideal-cut diamonds are above 20 points  with good color and good clarity.

With a view to increasing consumer confidence, we would send our ideal-cut and heart-and-arrow cut  diamonds for quality grading at major international gemological institutes upon requests.

Besides rounds, the Company also produces a full range of fancy-shaped diamonds, particularly princess cuts, to satisfy the rising demand for trendy jewellery designs.  High professionalism is likewise demonstrated in single cut for watches.

Our polished products include diamonds from 0.03 to 1.5 carats, with the majority being 0.03 to 0.75 carats.  The greatest demand is for I, J and higher colors and clarity grade is VS or better, as more and more customers in major Mainland cities begin to appreciate the make.

In addition to high-rank products, the Company also provides a wide variety of polished diamonds of different size and color to meet the needs of different clients, especially those from the developing cities in China.


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