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Production Line

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Wing Hang has set up production lines in the Mainland to take charge of its cutting and polishing work.  Plants are situated in Conghau, Guangzhou Province and Fuchuan, Guangxi Province.

The factories currently employ over 1,500 staff, but the Company is always ready to expand its production capacity if sight input or customer demands rise in future.  Contractor factories are also engaged to perform part of the polishing work.  This arrangement not only gives us more flexibility in production, but also facilitates skills exchange between our staff and those of other cutting companies.

Selected through a competitive recruitment procedure, all the diamond cutters and polishers in our Mainland plants are experts in processing sawables and makeables.  The rough size handled range from +3-7 up to 10 grainers or above.

Besides cutting its own diamond roughs sourced from the DTC and the market, the Company also processes roughs on behalf of clients from Belgium, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

To upgrade the make of its polished diamonds and to raise productivity, the Company has introduced many of the latest polishing technologies, such as laser cutting machines and computerized bruiting machines, in its production process.  Advanced laser-scanning machines are installed to maximize the yield from rough diamonds while professional polishing machines for ideal cuts are imported to strengthen our capability in producing this category of products.

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