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Our Vision

To be a premier world leader in the processing and sale of gem quality diamonds that enjoying the world wide recognition of possessing state-of-art technology, strong commitment to customer needs, honest and trustworthy business practice and visionary strategy.

  Our Mission

bullet Quest for excellence in all our business endeavors, including management, production, marketing and customer service.  Every effort is made to ensure that the highest industry standards are met. 
bullet Understand the requirements of customers and make them the top priority in our business plans.
bullet Act in the best interests of the Company, business partners and customers as a whole and ensure that a " triple-win" situation is created for all of them.
bullet Leverage the superior geographical location of Hong Kong in exploring and developing the vast China market while continuing our vigorous efforts in expanding overseas clientele.
bullet Integrate the most innovative technology in our production to enhance efficiency, boost quality and reduce costs.  Our pledge is that every product of the Company is a value money bargain.
bullet Treat our employees with respect and dignity and provide them with a good working environment, a merit-based pay system and constant skills upgrading.  We believe that a happy workforce is the best guarantee for quality.
bullet Yearn for continuous breakthroughs and improvements with a view to sustaining our competitiveness, perfecting our product standards and attaining new heights in our business developments.
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