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Pearl Showcase

Wing Hang  began to diversify into the pearl wholesale business in 1980 to take advantage of the presence of common buyers for  both pearls and  diamonds.  Form 1990 onwards, the Company has changed from its role as a pearl broker to a direct dealer with pearl farms.  Specializing in South  Sea Pearls, it has established itself as a well-known supplier  of Golden South Sea Pearls over the past years.

With the constant supply of a wide variety of farm pearls, a rigorous quality control system and versatile sorting and matching skills, the Company is renowned for producing good matching strands as well as even matching and good quality lots, pairs and sets.  Our production is to a large extent driven by customer demands, and the Company adopts a flexible approach in fulfilling them by developing new innovative ideas and special combinations.  The superior quality of our pearl products, as well as the competitive pricing, have made us stand out from other competitors and affirmed our leading  position in the pearl wholesale sector.

The Company has been actively participating in various trade fairs and exhibitions to market its products.  With an international outlook, it has successfully expanded its business on a global scale.  Major clients now include pearl wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers from all over the world.

We, however, believe that we may not be able to accomplish what we have today without the diligent support of our working partners and suppliers.  And we hope that our relationship with them will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

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